Slow Postpartum™ Coaching with Jojo Hogan

Personalised 'virtual doula' support to help you create and enjoy a positive and peaceful postpartum sanctuary in challenging times

Congratulations - you are expecting a new baby in your life and this should be an occasion for happiness and joy.

However, worldwide we are now living in a time of uncertainty and this may be leaving you in a place of anxiety and fear about what the future holds for you as a new mother or parent.

Perhaps you are worried about being isolated away from friends and family at a time when you should be 'gathering your village' to care for you. You may have concerns about who will be there to support you as you travail the pathway into parenting at a time when everything is changing.

Maybe you had planned to have a doula or family members be present for you but now know that this will be impossible for the next while and you are looking for other options so that you are able to create a plan to enjoy your postpartum with your new baby.

I would love to be there to support and guide you through this unsettling time.

We Were Never Meant To Become Parents In Isolation, Away From Community And Loving Mentors And Guides

None of us could have anticipated the strange new world that we are all living in right now.  However one thing is certain, pregnant and new mothers and parents all need and deserve the utmost love, care and attention. It is imperative so that they are able to bring their newborn babies into a world that is peaceful, respectful and full of tender loving care.

The postpartum weeks are so important yet often overlooked.

The transition into motherhood and the 24/7 care of your newborn will challenge and transform you on every level
whether you be a brand new parent or are welcoming a subsequent baby into your family.

And like all other major life transitions it is vitally important to have loving, non judgemental support and guidance on hand to help you navigate this path.  

"To do a Slow Postpartum™ is to focus on the things and the people that truly matter to us."

—Jojo Hogan

Were You Looking Forward to the Birth of Your Baby but Now Worried
 About What the Future Might Hold if You Don't Have The Support You Need?

Over 15 years of working with and caring for pregnant and new mothers I am now deeply concerned about the lack of support that many new parents will experience in a time of isolation and lockdown with their newborn baby.  

Because of this, if they do not properly plan for the postpartum weeks without 'village care' they risk experiencing :

  1. Exhaustion and acute sleep deprivation
  2. Postpartum mood disorders including anxiety and depression
  3. Nutritional deficiencies
  4. A breakdown in their relationship as both partners struggle with  the transition into parenthood
  5. Loneliness and isolation
  6. Physical pain and discomfort
  7. A lack of support and care from their community
  8. Breastfeeding issues

But it needn't be this way...  

Women and partners who invest time and energy into planning for and being supported during their postpartum weeks have a different story. They report feeling nurtured, nourished and less stressed as well as more confident, prepared and satisfied as new parents. 

Even Though So Much Has Changed, It's Still Possible To Get The Help That
You So Deserve Following The Birth Of Your Baby

But it's important to understand that a positive postpartum experience needs to be thought about and planned for in advance during pregnancy so that you are prepared with the care and knowledge that you need.

Postpartum planning and virtual support in a time of uncertainty is the key.

Now, more than any other time, you and your partner (if you have one) will be needing support and guidance so that you are able to create a postpartum sanctuary filled with happiness and love rather than stress and exhaustion.

"To do a Slow Postpartum™ is to focus on the things and the people that truly matter to us."

 —Jojo Hogan

Choosing a Slow & Supported Postpartum with your New Baby.

While many new mothers & parents will be struggling through their postpartum weeks during this time of crisis, there is a big opportunity for those who see the sense in doing something different — in choosing an alternative way.

By thinking about and investing in a positive and supported postpartum they will mitigate many of the issues and stresses that can arise when things are not unfolding as expected.

These mother, partners and parents see that, given the right support, there maybe a rare chance to slow down and re-evaluate this period of time as one of deep rest, rejuvenation and transformation.

The Benefits Of The Slow Living Movement

All around the world and through this current crisis, some people are seeing the benefits from living their lives more intentionally — by taking the time to slow down and live more mindfully.

It's about choosing to do and have less and making our lives more spacious and relaxed, so we can create the time to focus on the things that are truly meaningful to us.

The Slow Living movement has much to teach us about what is important to us and offers insights and wisdom as to how we might accept things as they are, simplifying our world.

For new mothers, this way of living is often key to mental & physical health and wellbeing but there will certainly be challenges along the way.

At this time it is helpful to have an experienced and caring guide on your journey.

Imagine feeling prepared and confident about what is to come with a plan
that will allow you to create the most positive postpartum possible

Imagine feeling a dreamy sense of ease and peace in the weeks and
months following your baby's birth

Imagine feeling a sense of reassurance knowing that you have the resources you need even if you can't have your family, friends and
'v illage' to help you at this time.

It Really Is Possible To Enjoy
a Slow and Peaceful Postpartum Even When the World Seems Scary and Unknown.

Slow Postpartum™ Coaching With Jojo Hogan

Allow me to support you as your 'virtual postpartum care specialist' (doula) -  Even If
Your Last Postpartum Wasn't Ideal or You've Never Experienced Postpartum Before!

I will be with you every step of the way to help you plan for and create your
ultimate postpartum experience during a challenging time.

What does Slow Postpartum™ Coaching Involve?

We will work together in the online space to help you plan for and create a postpartum
 experience that is special and meaningful to you and your family.

Over the last few weeks of pregnancy and the 'first forty days' postpartum, I will be
 there to support and guide you through the joys, trials and challenges with regular
face to face (Zoom) catch ups as well as text and email support.

Your Slow Postpartum Coaching™ Package will include the following ...

A Slow Postpartum™ Planning Session

In such challenging times it becomes even more important to plan for a postpartum that will bring you peace, joy and happiness with your new baby.  In this planning session we will explore together the things that are truly important to you as a new family and what you can do to align your postpartum with your own personal values and parenting philosophy.  We will explore the challenges that you are concerned might arise and brainstorm solutions and support systems that will help to mitigate them.  At the end of this session you will feel more confident and prepared to enjoy the many benefits of a Slow Postpartum sanctuary in your home after baby arrives.

An Online Slow Postpartum™ Resources Board

As part of your Slow Postpartum planning I will create for you an online Trello board that is packed full of information, inspiration and resources gathered from my 15 years of working with pregnant women and new families. You will have access to a wide range of articles, links, courses and information on a range of topics such as postpartum recovery, sleep education, family dynamics, postpartum nutrition and recipes, breastfeeding and more.  This board serves as a living document so that you can also add your own information as you wish making it a useful tool for your parenting journey in the future.

Six Postpartum Follow Up Sessions

Allow me to offer you the support of being your 'virtual postpartum doula' after the birth of your baby. Over your 'Fourth Trimester' these five postpartum catch ups will be a chance for you to share your joys and your anxieties in a safe, supported and non judgemental space ensuring that you feel nurtured and nourished so that you are able to become the mother and parent that you wish to be.  We will meet in the online space so that I am able to provide you with emotional care, a listening ear and the benefit of my many years of working with new mothers, fathers and families. We will use these follow up sessions as a way of ensuring that you feel aligned with your postpartum plan as well as brainstorming any challenges that may arise for you.

Text and Voxxer Support

Being a new parent can be rollercoaster and sometimes you just need to pick up the phone or message someone who understands to share both your joys and your concerns. Whether it be a worry about breast feeding or an anxiety about baby's sleep schedule, In between our face to face online catch ups I will be there for you with text and voice message support to ensure that there is always someone you can turn to and who will support and validate your own personal parenting style and philosophy with compassion.  I will be there as your biggest cheerleader and advocate!

But That's Not All...

After directly and indirectly working with over 10,000 pregnant and postpartum 
women, I've gathered a few extra resources that I know you'll love

Bonus 1:  The Art of Slow Postpartum™ Online Course

As one of my valued Slow Postpartum coaching clients you and your partner will receive full access to  The Art of  Slow Postpartum Online Planning Course.  This course is designed to be worked through in your own time and includes nine different video lessons to help you prepare to have the most positive and peaceful  postpartum possible.  As your coach and guide I will be there to help you work through the different topics and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Bonus 2:  The Peaceful Mama Guided 
Meditation Series

My Peaceful Mama Guided Meditation Series will give you the opportunity to mindfully and deeply restore over the postpartum weeks by soothing your nervous system and giving you time and space to relax and be present with your new baby.

Bonus 3:  Slow Postpartum™ Recipes and
Meal Plan Ideas

A selection of my favourite recipes, created with specific postpartum guidelines to nourish you following birth.  I will also guide you on how to create meal plans so that you have the optimal nourishment during your postpartum weeks.

Bonus 4:   A Personalised Postpartum Yoga 

Practising gentle yoga can be the perfect way to strengthen, tone and relax into your new postpartum body after the birth of your baby. Allow me to create a personalised specialist yoga program for you that will be designed to help you recover from your pregnancy and birth.

What Do Others Have To Say About Jojo

Kelly Maire

Postpartum Client

Total Focus On You Is NOT An Indulgence

"Jojo’s passion for caring for new Mums is so genuine and such a breath of fresh air when you need it... total focus on YOU is not an indulgence but a necessity in the often lonely and overwhelming postpartum experience. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Natasha Garvan-Spicer

Postpartum Client

I Think It Was The Best Investment We Could’ve Made

"Jojo helped us prepare in late pregnancy and offered so much support and wisdom during the fourth trimester...I strongly recommend Jojo if you want some loving non-judgmental support in the postpartum period. Every woman should have a Jojo!"

Anna Trubuhovich

Postpartum Client

Where Do I Start With The Fabulous Jojo?

"We planned out what the first few weeks might look like and especially the relationships in our world which was important to us... I totally recommend Jojo to enhance your postpartum experience and get the best start to your child's life and yours as a parent."

Hi, I'm Jojo Hogan

I am so delighted to have you here! It is my life’s work to care for, nurture
 and support mothers, babies and families.

In 2005 I created the Bella Mama Pregnancy Spa & Wellness Centre in
Auckland where, along with my team of committed and compassionate
therapists, we cared for over 10,000 pregnant mothers and families
throughout the special journey that was their pregnancies, births and
transition into parenthood.

After running Bella Mama for 14 years, I made the choice to devote myself
wholeheartedly to the one-on-one focussed care of my mamas.

As a qualified and highly experienced postpartum maternal care
specialist (doula), mentor and educator and founder of the international #slowpostpartum movement,  I will share with you what you
 can easily do so you can create a truly joyful and slow postpartum!

More Praise...

Alissa Jade Wilson

Postpartum Client

I have so much love, admiration, respect and gratitude for Jojo.

"My parenting journey was hugely influenced, encouraged and enlightened through Jojo and her wisdom. I have benefited hugely from meeting Jojo, not only from her wisdom and teachings, but from her warmth, love, support."

Cristen Poole

Postpartum Client

Jojo is so passionate about helping new mamas in the big but often overlooked fourth trimester.

"Her nonjudgemental and loving advice and words throughout the Fourth Trimester were a welcome comfort. She has a lot of knowledge and experience to share."

Claire Haymon

Postpartum Client

This has been an investment I would recommend to all

"She has allayed my fears and anxieties from my first birth and left us with such an enormously positive experience that I cannot recommend her highly enough. With her encouragement, care and guidance I felt empowered in those first few weeks post birth."

"The great benefit of slowing down is reclaiming the time and tranquility
to make meaningful connections--with people, with culture, with work,
with nature, with our own bodies and minds"
— Carl Honore

Give Yourself Permission To Create Certainty in a Time of Instability

Are you ready to take control at a time when the world is feeling out of control?
 By choosing to to say yes to being cared for and supported during your Slow
Postpartum™ you can experience a fulfilling and memorable start to motherhood

Some of the benefits in choosing a Slow Postpartum™ will be... 

Having a postpartum plan that makes you feel prepared
and confident

Knowing how to access a 'village' to care for, love and
support you throughout your postpartum journey even
when practical support may not be available to you.

A postpartum 'sanctuary' that helps you to feel peaceful
and serene

An easier and more comfortable recovery from
pregnancy & birth

The wisdom and experience of a certified postpartum
expert to support and guide you.

Get Started Today

So you can finally relax into this pregnancy knowing a Slow Postpartum™ awaits you


Receive caring and professional support to plan for and experience a positive and peaceful postpartum with your new baby. 


  • Personalised Postpartum Planning and Ongoing Virtual Postpartum Support with Jojo Hogan
  • A personalised online postpartum planning board with a multitude of resources that you can access at anytime.
  • Lifetime Access to The Art of Slow Postpartum™ Course
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Slow Postpartum™ Recipes, The Peaceful Mama Guided Meditation Series, Personalised Yoga Program
  • Payment Plans Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

I will support you as your 'virtual' postpartum guide and coach with both Zoom catch ups as well as text and voxxer support.  We will start by creating a 'Slow Postpartum' plan so that you feel confident and supported to move forwards into this new and exciting time of your life.  

For those looking to have one-to-one coaching for planning their postpartum as well as follow up support, the investment is $1495 for one prenatal and six postpartum personal online meetings with Jojo as well as text/voice message support and a range of bonuses.

Upon purchasing the mentoring package of your choice, I will send you a welcome email along with a personalised questionnaire for your partner (if you have one) and yourself to fill out.  We will then book in our postpartum planning session and I will create your online planning board.  Subsequent postpartum catch ups will be booked in after the birth of your baby so that I can be there with you to share your joys and challenges and provide support to you all.

The self-paced course has all the content you need to plan successfully for your postpartum, so you can have a slow and joyful experience.

The coaching provides you with personal access to Jojo Hogan so you can create and discuss the vision for your postpartum, as well as access to your very own Slow Postpartum™ Planning Board, including exclusive resources and bonuses. The coaching package also include follow up meetings with Jojo being there for you as your 'virtual postpartum doula' providing care, support and advice and making sure your postpartum plan unfolds for you in the best way possible.

The Slow Postpartum coaching package also include full access to The Art of Slow Postpartum online course.

You have lifetime access to the course materials.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact via email at: