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I am so delighted to have you here!

Over the past sixteen years, it has been my life’s work to care for, nurture and support mothers, parents, babies and families around the world.   In 2005 I created the Bella Mama Pregnancy Spa & Wellness Centre where, along with my team of committed and compassionate therapists, we cared for over 10,000 pregnant mothers and families throughout the special journey that was their pregnancies, births and transition into parenthood.

After running Bella Mama for 14 years, I made the conscious choice to devote myself wholeheartedly to the one on one focussed care of new mamas and families. I am passionate about making a difference. I truly believe that pregnancy, birth and the first few months of motherhood are a time when all women and birthing people deserve to be nurtured, supported and celebrated.  Taking heed of traditional postpartum care practices from around the world, I encourage and inspire the mothers and parents that I work with to slow down and value deep rest, rejuvenation and dedicated support during this time.  Thus Slow Postpartum Movement™ was birthed into being.

Currently based in the beautiful county of Devon in the UK, I offer both in person and virtual support to families around the world.

I am so grateful that you are here and I look forward to sharing my wisdom with you.

With love Jojo x

Is this how you're feeling?

  • You know that birth of your baby is only the beginning and you may be feeling anxious about how you will cope with the challenges of life with a newborn including sleep deprivation, exhaustion and breastfeeding.
  • You want to enjoy a happy, healthy pregnancy free from discomfort as well as plan for an empowered birth. 
  • You are concerned about not having enough support around you to give you the nurturing care that you and your family will need and deserve in the postpartum weeks.
  • You are worried about the effects that pregnancy and birth will have on your body and want to ensure that your body is rejuvenated and  nourished rather than exhausted and depleted.
  • You are feeling anxious about how bringing a new baby home may effect your relationship with your partner.
  • You found your first postpartum to be difficult and challenging and know that you need and deserve a better experience with your next baby.
  • You are a doula or birthworker that wants to feel confident in taking care of the postpartum families that you work with.

I can help you by:

  • Putting together a plan for a positive, gentle and joyful postpartum free from stress and overwhelm.
  • Treating you to blissfully relaxing pregnancy massage treatments and yoga sessions as well as help you plan for the birth that you want.
  • Being there to care for and support you after the birth of your baby, allowing you the time and space to rest deeply and be nourished and nurtured so that you can become the mother or parent that you want to be.
  • Helping to rejuvenate and strengthen your body after birth with specialist postpartum massage and belly binding as well as 'mum & baby' yoga and baby massage sessions and specialist postpartum nutrition and cooking.
  • Guiding you on how to 'baby proof' your relationship before baby arrives so that you are both prepared for the transformation that will happen when two becomes three.
  • Giving you the gift of a blissful memorable postpartum that you will look back on as one of the happiest times of your life.
  • Sharing my unique Slow Postpartum training with you and working with you as your mentor & guide .


100's OF MAMAS


Why choose a Slow Postpartum with me?

  • I believe that the weeks following the birth of your baby should be acknowledged and honoured as a time when you must be deeply cared for, loved and supported by your community. This ‘sacred window’ will allow you the space to recover from the intense effort of bringing your child earth-side and to spend precious time learning and falling deeply in love with your new baby who is so very dependant on you.
  • The sad fact is however that in our Western culture, sacred postpartum care traditions have been lost and instead, you may feel the pressure to ‘bounce back’ immediately to how you used to be. There is an immense amount of expectation to ‘get your body back, get your job back, get your LIFE back!’
  • Mama can I reassure you, that you will never be the person you once were. Instead, you are a stronger, braver, more beautiful and powerful version of that person. A woman who deserves honour, respect and so much tender nurturing care. A person who is worthy of love and support on every level as you do the important work of bringing a brand new human being into the world. A job that must be done with focus, intention, commitment and compassion. A job that cannot be done alone but needs you to be held by those around you.
  • Whether you are a new mum needing a loving guide to navigate this unknown land, or a second or third (or 4th!) time parent who now knows the importance of gathering your village and wants to ensure you are cared for optimally so that you can enjoy the special first few weeks with your new baby, I would love to help.  
  • As a qualified and experienced postpartum maternal care specialist, massage therapist, yoga teacher, aromatherapist, sleep educator, nutritional coach & cook, I have a range of offerings to support you over this special and transformative time of your life – your childbirth year.

What my clients say about the experience with me

Jojo is pure magic. My son is now 2.5 years old and I still quote (or hear in my head, with a warm smile) her wisdoms, stories and advice - such loving words from our time together. She cared for us so tenderly and attentively in the first few weeks after my son was born, with home visits and *the best!!* postpartum massage, brewing me teas, bringing food, binding my belly (loved!) and most of all - offering a shoulder and love of a mother figure (as NZ is not our home country we had little family support locally available). Even with a mother in the home, Jojo offers immeasurable support and knows exactly what you need. She has the experience, intuition and skills to make your postpartum journey the most lovely, supported and relaxed it can be. She is the best, and I recommend to her to all my friends in NZ. Skip the baby registry items (most of which never get used) and ask family/friends for Jojo's services instead, you will be SO glad you did. ❤. Maya B

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