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Are you wanting to know how best to support the women and families that you work with to enjoy a slow and supported postpartum filled with bliss and ease?

Perhaps you love your work but struggle with the ins and outs of running a sustainable business that fits with your life and aligns with your values?  I would love to help ...

Over the past sixteen years, I have specialised in caring for new families throughout pregnancy, birth and into the postpartum.  I have established and run a busy and successful Pregnancy Spa & Wellness Centre in Auckland, NZ where, over 15 years myself and my team cared for over ten thousand pregnant women, babies and families.

More recently I founded Slow Postpartum™, an international movement created to educate and enlighten as to the importance of the postpartum 'sacred window' as a time of deep significance and importance for the wellbeing of new mothers, babies and familes.

I have created a unique, ten step program that ensures that the new mothers & parents that I work with feel prepared, nurtured, nourished and supported over the postpartum months .

I would love to share my Slow Postpartum™ program with you, not only to benefit the families that you work with but also your business as a whole as many of the aspects of the 'slow postpartum' philosophy are very much aligned to creating a nurtured, nourished and successful business model too!

With love Jojo

Is this how you're feeling?

  • You're a newly qualified doula or birthworker who is feeling overwhelmed and under-supported with all of the aspects that are involved in starting and running a new business.
  • You may have an established business in the birth or postpartum world but would love some guidance to take your business to the next level 
  • You've trained as a birth-worker but you would like to know more about how best to support your clients to enjoy a Slow Postpartum with things such as postpartum planning, healing, massage, nutrition, village building and family dynamics?
  • You would love a step by step plan that could easily be utilised to help you support your clients to have the postpartum of their dreams.

I can help you by:

  • Acting as your online 'business doula', cheer-leader and guide as you work through the steps necessary to start a flourishing business that aligns with your values. 
  • Being there as your business coach and mentor so that you have the support you need to bring your business to the next level and be rewarded for all of the time and effort you are putting in.
  • Supporting you with comprehensive training and resources for a wide variety of postpartum care modalities that you can incorporate into your business to care for your clients over their postpartum journey. 
  • Sharing with you my unique Slow Postpartum ten step program so that your are fully confident to work as a postpartum care professional and make a difference in the lives of new parents, babies and families around the world.

The Art of Slow Postpartum Mastermind Training™

My unique and personalised coaching program is designed to give you a detailed and in-depth knowledge of the benefits and techniques of the 'slow postpartum™' philosophy so that you are confident not only in how to bring this work to the families that you care for but also to create a business that serves your needs.

You will learn …

  • The foundations of the Slow Postpartum™ Philosophy and how we can benefit from slowing down the postpartum weeks.
  • Beliefs & Values - helping your clients understand their parenting philosophy by understanding your business. 
  • Challenges - both those that come up for new parents and yours too!
  • Village Building - helping your clients create a detailed postpartum support plan.
  • Relationships and family dynamics, and your role within that when supporting both before and after birth. 
  • The importance of Oxytocin & Baby Brain (and how to create a postpartum rich in both) 
  • The Secrets of Traditional Postpartum Care and how you can bring them into the modern postpartum space. 
  • Postpartum body care and recovery including massage/comforting touch, herbs, oils, pelvic floor, and abdominal rehabilitation and yoga.
  • Postpartum Nutrition and cooking including recipes.
  • Skill related to running your postpartum business and finding the perfect clients for you.

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What my clients say about the experience with me

The Art of Slow Postpartum Mastermind training has been outstanding. It has been so fantastic to work with such an experienced birth and postpartum professional! Jojo’s mentorship, experience and the quality of her teaching and content,  along with her giving me bags of reassurance and care has given me the knowledge and the confidence to build my postpartum business from the foundations up.

Maeve Murray
Newborn Mothers - Ireland

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