For postpartum mamas

The birth of your baby will bring joy, exhilaration and profound changes and challenges to your life.  You will never again be the person you once were. Instead, you are a stronger, braver, more beautiful and powerful version of that person. A person who is worthy of love, support and tender nurturing care on every level as you recover and heal from the intensity of bringing a brand new human being into the world and being there to care for them 24/7

This is a job that must be done with focus, intention, commitment and compassion. However, it cannot be done alone but needs you to be held and supported by others around you.  We were never meant to parent our children in isolation, but instead to have nurturing, loving support at arms reach.

As a maternal postpartum care specialist and founder of the #slowpostpartummovement, I have many years training and experience to help you to have a supported, nourished and nurtured postpartum with your new baby.

I would love to be there to support you.  With love Jojo x

This is how I can help you

Postpartum Massage & Warming Belly Wrap

Postpartum massage treatments are an essential way to ease the discomforts in your body following your pregnancy & birth. In some parts of the world a new mother is massaged every day for 40 days following birth! Massage will help to soothe baby-care aches as well as improve energy levels and fill your cup so you can live your most vibrant life as a new mother.  

Following your massage you also may choose the addition of a postpartum belly wrap where a Javanese herb & spice paste is applied to your tummy, followed by a firm wrap and compress to warm and nourish the womb space.  As you relax with a blissful neck & scalp massage, this specialised treatment helps to soothe, tone & support your amazing belly which grew a whole new person!

You are welcome to bring your baby with you to your treatment and there will be plenty of time to be able to feed and cuddle.

Specialist postpartum massage treatments and wraps are available from my therapy room near Crediton or as a home visit in some areas of Devon



* Contact me by email or text to enquire about home visit rates.  Travel expenses will apply.

Postpartum Cooking & Nutritional Coaching

The weeks and months following the birth of your baby are a time when it's essential for you to receive optimal nourishment so that your body is best able to heal and recover from your pregnancy and birth. If you do not receive the correct nutrients cooked in the right way, you are at risk of becoming depleted, exhausted and even suffer from hormonal imbalances and mood fluctuations that may affect your life for years to come.

However, what is not commonly known is that there are specific rules and guidelines as to which foods can best nourish and heal the postpartum body and which may have the opposite effect.  In fact, the commonly recommended smoothies and salads are actually the worst thing you can be having at this time!

As a certified postpartum nutrition coach I can help and guide you to be as well nourished as possible over this important time.  Whether we work together online to create meal plans and recipes for healing and recovery, or I come to your home to cook for you before and after the birth of your baby, you will benefit from this important aspect of postpartum recovery and healing

Get in touch to find out more about my postpartum nutritional support

Mother Honouring Ceremonies & Rituals

The journey through pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother is one of the most intense and transformative times of your life. As with all great life transitions, it is important to recognise and to honour this important journey

A 'Mother Honouring Ceremony' is a wonderful way to do this by creating a safe and nurturing space where you can be celebrated, either in the company of close friends or family* or by having the space held by myself as your trusted guide and companion.

Each 'Mothering Honouring' Ceremony is unique and together we can design the perfect way to celebrate your journey.  Whether it be a warm oil massage followed by a spice belly wrap and 'closing ceremony' (pictured on left) or a 'Mother Blessing Circle' with close friends, I would love to facilitate the perfect way to honour your 'Matrescence'.

Sacred Mother Honouring Ceremonies are available from my beautiful Mid Devon studio/therapy space.  Home visits may be available in some areas of Devon.

* Group ceremonies available after June 21st, Covid Restrictions withstanding.

Mother Honouring 120 mins.                       £150  
* home visits will incur travel costs                 

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What my clients say about the experience with me

Where do I start with the fabulous Jojo! We met her at a postpartum workshop she was running and everything she was saying totally resonated with me and my values and spiritual ideals. We hired her to support us in our postpartum shortly after and trusted that when our daughter was here we would be in good hands. Mind you it was my first child so i had no idea what to expect but felt safe and listened to. Jojo was in contact with us leading up to her birth and we planned out what the first few weeks might look like and especially the relationships in our world which was important to us. She dropped off a basket of thoughtful products she knew I would need after birth. The little touches were totally thought of. My birth was not exactly as planned and she helped navigate that and the processing of it. She listened and let me debrief my emotions which was so important. Every time she walked into our home I relaxed and felt cared for from cups of tea and yum slices, delish soup, to massages, getting me water while i breastfed, lending me books and answering all my questions and making me feel empowered and like I was doing a great job. I totally recommend Jojo to enhance your postpartum experience and get the best start to your child's life and yours as a parent. ❤. Anna Trubuhovich & Mykie

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