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Being pregnant and birthing a new baby into the world can be a time of great joy and excitement. However as with any big life transition it can bring with it times when you may be feeling uncertain, overwhelmed or anxious about what the future holds.

As your baby grows and your body changes you may also feel some discomfort and the need for tender, caring touch or calm meditative practises to ground and centre you into this brand new body which is working so hard to grow a whole new person!

You may have heard the secret that your transition from pregnancy into motherhood has the potential to be one of the powerful and potent transformations of your life?

I would love to help you to have a happy, healthy pregnancy as well as plan for an empowered birth and 'slow' peaceful postpartum.  

With love Jojo 

This is how I can support you ...

 Prenatal Massage Treatments

Pregnancy is a time of great change and this, along with your body's transformation and broken sleep can sometimes cause stress levels and discomforts to arise.  That's why it's so important to gift yourself the time to be cared for and nurtured.  

Regular pregnancy massage treatments give you the space to deeply relax and rejuvenate and the time to enjoy your pregnancy and transition into motherhood. Receiving massage during your pregnancy can also help ease pain and discomforts in your body such as back and hip pain, swelling and tightness in the neck and shoulders.

With over 16 years specialising in pregnancy massage, I offer treatments from my home therapy room near Crediton and home visits in some areas of Devon.

Pregnancy Massage   $45/HR  £55/75MIN

* extra charges for home visits will apply.  

Boutique Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Packages

Imagine being totally cared for and supported over your childbirth year.  As your pre & postpartum care specialist, I will be there to guide and care for you through this special and transformative time of your life.  

I work with a select group of pregnant and new mothers and families around the world both in person and online, to ensure that the months before and after the birth of your baby are a time of joy, peace and satisfaction.  

My exclusive Slow Postpartum support packages start in your pregnancy and includes a range of offerings including *

  • Pre & postpartum massages, reflexology treatments and belly binding. 
  • Specialist postpartum nutrition coaching,  meal planning & cooking 
  • Help with setting up a postpartum plan, building your 'village', negotiating relationship dynamics, breast & bottle feeding support.
  • Guidance on postpartum recovery including abdominal and pelvic rehabilitation, breast health & pelvic floor strengthening.
  • Postpartum yoga & mindfulness and baby massage lessons
  • Natural therapies including aromatherapy and postpartum herbs.
  • Infant and family sleep education.
  • Emotional support, nurturing & care.

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* some services available in person only

Prenatal Yoga Classes & Private Lessons

Practising yoga during this exciting time of your life is the ideal way to nurture your body as you care for your growing baby.  My fun, informative classes are a delicious fusion of prenatal yoga and birth education with a dash of beautiful belly dance thrown in!  

You will learn …

  • Yoga postures and stretches to increase your flexibility, strength and stamina – preparing your body for birth and parenthood.   
  • Breathing exercises to calm and centre the mind during your labour.
  • Relaxation and visualisation techniques that reduce tension and stress.
  • The skills necessary to make your pregnancy & birth a fulfilling and empowering experience!

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What my clients say about working with me

We have just finished 6 weeks with dear Jojo. She has been the light of our lives and the energy she brings into our home each week has allowed me to be a better mother and wife. Sometimes I simply needed a tea and a chat, and other times Jojo’s hands worked magic on my back or on my feet but everytime without fail Jojo prepared me warm and nourishing meals. The breadth of knowledge Jojo has is worth its weight in gold. It’s hard being a first time mumma and constantly having questions and not knowing who to ask but having Jojo available to talk me through anything was a lifesaver. It is the best investment we have made since our little one entered the world and I can not recommend Jojo enough to anyone about to enter their post partum journey. Thank you Jojo, we will treasure the wisdom, love, meals and massages you bought into our home forever xx.  Ella Langsford and Maxwell

"Jojo has allayed my fears and anxieties from my first birth and left us with such an enormously positive experience that I cannot recommend her highly enough. With her encouragement, care and guidance I felt empowered in those first few weeks post birth."  This has been an investment I would recommend to all. '  Claire Haymon 

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